Charm Bracelets

A trend has begun! It is the emergence of bracelets with a charm or charms attached. The fashion for different styles of chain bracelets with charms is increasing probably due to the fact the jewelry is acceptable crafted in any metal, whether it's platinum, gold, silver or other metal and that the individual charms relate to many subjects. Charms are also available in the form of beads. The 'Add a Bead' fashion began in the 80's and it's still strong today. Silver beads start at about $30 US and go up to $600 800 US. Unusually, Murano glass beads are also extremely popular. Murano is well know for it's glass ware and some of Murano's designs sell for very high prices.

There are a number of very popular charm bracelet designers who make individual charms by hand.

The Favourites

  • Pandora Charm Bracelets : The most successful brand of charm bracelets in the world.

  • Lovelinks : Charm bracelets are made up of bead charms which can be purchased individually then linked onto a chain bracelet. They are available in every colour. 

  • Italian charm bracelets Designed in Italy, a basic Italian charm bracelet consists of eighteen blank charms. In order to create a personalized Italian charm bracelet, these blank charms are replaced with individually designed Italian charms usually in gold or silver. Italian charms are flat, modular links that hook together. While traditional charms dangle from the bracelet, Italian charms are flat links.

  • Silver charm bracelets Charms are normally made from sterling silver (standard silver), an alloy of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper. In the US, only an alloy consisting of at least 92.5% fine silver can be marketed as "silver" (thus frequently stamped 925). Sterling silver jewelry is often plated with a thin coat of .999 fine silver to give the item a shiny finish. Silver is cheaper than gold, though still valuable, and so is very popular with unique silver charm jewelers

  • Gold charm bracelets

  • Magnetic charm bracelets

There two main ways of collection charm bracelets. There the people who buy a new charm every time something significant happens in their lives, and there are those that allow others to buy as gifts. Individual charms are available in all price ranges and like any collectible jewellery item bargains can be found online. Watch out for terms like Nepalese silver, it sounds exotic, but the silver goes black in hours, and leaves marks on your skin and clothes.. Look for high grade silver and gold 14 carat at least.

Pandora charm bracelets

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